Helping young women live an extraordinary life for Jesus Christ

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We help young women (18-24) embrace the upward call of Christ and serve him with their whole lives. Young women shouldn’t settle for a life of mediocrity when God created them to become women who change the world.

You were made to become a woman who

Do You Want to Grow as a Woman?

  • ✔  Do you want authentic,
    lasting friendships?
  • ✔  Are you tired of being
    ashamed of your past?
  • ✔  Are you eager to discover
    God's will?
  • ✔  Do distractions keep you
    away from spiritual things?
  • ✔  Is the Bible sometimes tough to
    read, and even tougher to apply?
  • ✔  Want to know how to find your
    role in the local church?
  • ✔  Do you sometimes have
    questions about your faith?
  • ✔  Are you looking for
    a more rewarding life?